A tough alloy coating combined with a zinc nickel alloy plating substrate and a top coat having further lubricating ability, which enhance the anti-corrosion performance of the products even after being drilled. It is totally secure even being used under high temperature environment thanks to the zinc nickel plating and inorganic coating combination that has a superior thermal resistance.


CAELAR-SYSTEM is a no drainage electroplating system using the non aqueous pre-treatment with the recovering and recycling of the water to make the next generation plating system which brake the common sense with inspired idea becoming possible.


Extremely Thin Film, Superior Anti-corrosion

LAFRE is the world first innovative rustproof treatment technology developed by putting together our technologies that we have cultivated over 40 years, where the basic concept is environment-friendly and high-grade anti-corrosion treatment with extremely thin film.


High-grade anti-corrosion metal surface treatment

Ruspert treatment is a high-grade anti-corrosion metal surface treatment technology,it consists of three layers:Metallic zinc layer,special chemical film and rustproof coating.Forming combined film by chemical reaction among three layers. It does not attribute its good anti-corrosion performance to merely a single film as ordinary metal surface treatment. It provide superior corrosion resistance by combined film.


High anti-corrosion alloy plating composite coating

New Ruspert is a combination of the Zinc Nickel alloy plating and non-chrome coating system which realize its superior anti-corrosion performance. With the Ruspert specialty of tough and elaborated film structure, the coating has been reborn as an environmental friendly waterborne system.


RUSPERT® Non-Chrome

Environment-friendly high-grade anti-corrosion metal surface treatment

Non-Chrome Ruspert treatment is completely chrome-free and environmental friendly Ruspert treatment. It 's successful to achieve superior anti-corrosion performance without hexavalent chromiumand trivalent chromium.Various color are available as same as Ruspert treatment.

RUSPERT® Non-Chrome

(For Stainless steel)

Non-Chrome Ruspert(For stainless steel) is an environment-friendly and chrome-free ruspert treatment.It greatly reduce the electrolytic corrosion and galling problem and widely applied in salt damage,meanwhile various colors are available same as Ruspert treatment.


Environment-friendly high-grade anti-corrosion metal surface treatment Stainless steel substitution

This technology are completely chrom- free which process of treatment without chrome passivation, also can be used for replacing the stainless steel,it is an epoch-making technology of surface treatment,which can greatly improve the anti-corrosion performance of zinc-nickel alloy. It consists of three layers,1st layer,high anti-corrosion zinc-nickel alloy layer,2nd layer, good adhesion primer layer,3rd top layer,strong coating firm prevents intrusion of corrosive factors from outside which costitute composite coating treatment.


Chrome-free high-grade anti-corrosion surface treatment technology suits any environment versatile

DISGO® metal finish is a chrome-free high-grade anti-corrosion surface treatment technology which was developed for steel products such as high tensile bolts to prevent delayed fracture due to hydrogen embrittlement. DISGO® metal finish consists of 2 coatings; the zinc-flake rich paint basecoat the iron/steel substrate, and the topcoat containing mainly an organic (epoxy) or non-organic (silicate) resin. The application of processed material is performed by immersion or spraying and then baked in temperatures between 180°C to 300°C.


Thin Film, Superior Anti-corrosion Hybrid Type

DISGO LANEW® is a rustproof treatment technology which have superior corrosion resistance and excellent workability, it makes full use of the advantages of a high hardness metallic zinc layer and excellent edge coverage with disgo treatment through several years of development.


Thin film, High hardness, Superior anti-corrosion coating film

DISGO® RINTAS is a rustproof treatment technology which realizes its superior anti-corrosion and excellent workability. We have cultivated for many years that it makes full use of the advantages of a high hardness metallic zinc layer and excellent edgecoverage performance. Disgo layer are bonded with metallic zinc layer through the special chemical conversion film.


Barrier coating base on hot dip galvanization

DISGO® LUNA is an anti-corrosion technology with the synergistic effect of hot-dip galvanizing and special chemical film. The appearance of products can be protected for long-term and it has excellent gas resistant performance.


Chrome-free Paint for Repairs Developed for Touch-up

DRALL® is paint with a high concentration of zinc powder for repairing galvanizing under normal temperatures and dry conditions. It provides superior corrosion resistance despite its thin coating film, which is a main advantage. Chrome-free DRALL® can be used for rustproof coating of cut ends and welded areas of steel products in addition to rustproof touch-up of zinc coated surfaces. There are two kinds of color are available for OWELL silvering and OWELL silvering ※DRALL and OWELL silvering are the same products. About the OWELL silvering and ZAM colors,please contact with OWELL Co.,Ltd.