Director's Message

Environmental pollution has been rapidly increasing globally and we are facing crises such as greenhouse effect, air pollution, soil contamination, unusual change in ecosystems due to deterioration of water quality of the ocean and rivers. The metal surface processing industry is facing the environmental pollution problems as well. We succeeded in power saving in treatment processes in addition to environment-friendly non-pollutive waste water recycling systems tooled up in our factory. Then we developed technologies for materials which do not include hazardous substances such as hexavalent chromium, which is a carcinogen. We recognize that our most important responsibility is to spread these technologies in the industry in the world. Small earth in space, countries on the earth, the beautiful ocean that joints the countries, the clear blue sky that covers the ocean, flowers that bloom with the blessings of the blue sky and the mother earth. We will surely hand down the beautiful nature to future generations.


Management Philosophy

Nihon Ruspert will continue to develop extremely thin rustproof coating and expand our rustproof treatment technologies worldwide as an entity in the metal surface process industry. We aim to be a small, but powerful entity that can contribute to society by giving first priority in tackling global environment problems and always responding to customer needs.