1968 Founded in Higaashi-Osaka by Junzo Tsumura and started as a barrel-type electroplating supplier
1970 Seiko Electroplaing Co.,Ltd established
1981 Began to develop the superior anti-corrosion composite coating technology combined electroplating with coating
1982 The company remaned Seiko Giken Co.,Ltd
Began to research and find the way to solve the hydrogen embrittlement problem, dehydrogenation equipment brought in
1984 Began to develop non-chrome thin film anti-corrsion coating without using electroplating
1985 Head office and first plant relocated to Kishiwada-city in Osaka
1986 The combined film of electroplating and coating named RUSPERT launched in METEC Fair
Began exporting RUSPERT treated products to the overseas market
Began the development on the no drainage electroplating system
1987 Provided technoloy to the company in Kaohsiung,Taiwan. Started 「Ruspert」 mass production
1989 Automatized 「RUSPERT」 process, and improved production system
Started selling 「RUSPERT」 treatment equipment
1993 Reorganised the corporate structure Seiko Giken Limited, established NIHON RUSPERT CO.,LTD
Developed non-chrome thin film anti-corrsion coating without using electroplating
1996 Launched 「 DISGO」 “Chrome-free and anti-corrosiontreatment” which solved hydrogen embrittlement problem
DISGO processing line brought in and mass production system improved
1998 Large scale spray line and large baking oven brought in
1999 Provided technoloy to the company in Shanghai,China. Started 「Ruspert」 and 「Disgo」mass production
2000 Cold-drying type anti-rust paint 「DRALL」 launched
2001 Plant 2 established, New fully automatic production line brought in
High sulfuric acid gas resistance 「 NICOA」 launched
2003 「Non-chrome RUSPERT」 launched
2004 Began to develop water-based paint
2005 Provided technoloy to the company in Dalian,China. Started 「RUSPERT」 and 「DISGO」 mass production
2006 Tokyo and Osaka offices established
2007 Company`s treatment authorised as“Project to support the advancement of strategic core technologies Osaka”
Head office relocated to present location and all physical distribution systems integrated
Extremely thin film and superior anti-corrosion surface treatment 「LAFRE」 launched
Hybird type with superior anti-corrosion treatment 「DISGO LANEW」 launched
2008 Lafre mass production started
「DISGO」 obtained “Construction Technology Review and Certification”
Acquired ISO9001/14001 cetification as an integrated system
[DISGO RINTAS] The second hybrid type with superior anti-corrosion treatment launched
[DISGO LUNA] superior anti-corrosion coating combined with hot dip galvanizing launched
2009 Established Plant Kaizuka in Kaizuka city,Osaka and reinforced on the mass production system
Automatic production line specialized for 「LAFRE」 brought in
2010 Began paint production in China
Started to develop Zn/Ni alloy plating
2012 Completed equipment automation in whole plants
2013 High resistance for scratch 「RUSPERT ZERO TOP」 launched
2014 No-drainage research line starts to operate in Higashi-Osaka
Established paint production plant to accommodate its expension
2015 Non-drainage electro plating 「CAELAR SYSTEM」 announced at the international surface treatment exhibition in Shanghai SF CHINA
2016 Non-drainage electro plating 「CAELAR SYSTEM」 mass production started at the plant 3
2017 「CAELAR LB」 launched, which is suitable to Self-Drilling screws or Self-Tapping screws
2018 Zinc-Nickel alloy plating line started mass production