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Product Name Electrogal-vanizing Film thickness SST CCT FreeFrom Hydrogen Embrittlement Bi-metallic Contact Corrosion (Al.etc.)
NEW RUSPERT 5μm 7μm 2,000 200
LAFRE 5μm 2,000 200
DISGO 12μm 2,000 200
DISGO LANEW 5μm 5μm 1,000 100
DISGO RINTAS 6μm 5μm 1,000 100
DISGO LUNA HDZ35・55 6μm 2,000 200
RUSPERT 6μm 10μm 1,000 100
RUSPERT Non-Chrome 6μm 10μm 1,000 100
RUSPERT Non-Chrome
(stainless substrate)
15μm 2,000 200
RUSPERTCLEAR Above 8μm 〜2μm 500 30
RUSPERT ZERO・STAIN 8μm 3μm 2,000 200
NICOA 8μm 20μm 1,500 150
DRALL 30μm 1,000 100

The performance data above was obtained from the tests as per specified standards using test pieces processed under our standard conditions. They can not guarantee all the performances for any products that provided for the customers or under any operating environment.


If you need colorful coating , For example the black treatment, please contact us for further information.